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Computer Engineer

What is a computer engineer?

According to the Bradley Department of Eletrical and Computer Engineering, Computer engineers "continually push the capability and applicability of computers in every industry and every facet of modern life." Basicly, They make it so that our range of what we can do every day expands. They usually know both the software and the hardware of a computer so they know how to improve computers and fix issues. They also use critical thinking to solve and fix problems.


10% 25% 50% 75% 100%
Anual Income $64,420 $79,190 $98,240 $131,150 $158,500
Hourly Income $30.97 $38.07 $47.23 $63.05 $76.05

Planning on to be a Computer Engineer?

First, earn a Bachelor's Degree. This should take about four years. Most computer engineering jobs require a bachelor's degree. Before enrolling into a program, make shore it is approved by the ABET. However, it is recommended to get a master's degree. To obtain a high position like the chief information officer or IT strategist, get a PhD. Lastly. It is important to get certified. You can take test. Some demand that you get certified. You can be certified under many things such as MCSA, Cisco Network, and etc.