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Software Developers

What is a computer engineer?

Basically, Software developers are engineers who try to find the most efficient way to meet someone's needs. According to the national career service, Computer Engineers work very closely with project managers and buisness analysts. The term "Software Developer" is very flexible and software developers could work on a large range of things. They can work from robotics all the way to databases. They can use any number of computer languages based on what the developer is working on. The national cereers service also claims that software developers discuss software with a team and keep some type of journal to record both the process and result. The average Software developer works from 37 to 40 hours a week.


25% Median 75%
Anual Income 73,730 $98,240 $120,950

Planning on to be a Software Developer?

Be sure to choose a cource in college that includes both math and science. Most importantly, a computer science program. Be sure to earn a bachelor's to get the basics down. According to, Internships are a good way to be introduced to the job. Many do not require those pesky job experience requirements.